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Design Inspiration: Dorm Rooms

Let’s be honest, your heart probably sank a little when you took a tour of the dorm rooms on campus, and that’s okay. It’s all a part of the college experience, but you can make the college experience your own and bring some life to those drab dorm rooms. Your living quarters don’t have to be minimal and empty. There is a variety of design options and items you can purchase to allow for some fun and charm while also remaining functional.

Here’s a curated collection of design inspirations to take your normal everyday dorm room and turn it into something truly magical and all your own. You’re going to be spending a lot of time here, so might as well make it cool and something you’d want to show your friends and visitors.


Partition Looking for that extra bit of privacy? Purchasing a partition screen like this one could provide you with that extra sense of security you’re looking for.

Wall Art

Let your imagination run wild with the eclectic collection of patterns and vendors when it comes to adding wall art to your living spaces. Simply stick on and peel off when it’s time to go. This a great solution to bring a unique piece of art into a typically dull area.


This isn’t your mom’s photo album. Bring pictures from home to string up and leave room for the new memories you are going to make. A unique and modern way to display all your favorite memories in a space-saving option.

Funky Furniture

Embrace the space limitations of a dorm with funky and convenient furniture options. This triangle lounger stretches out into a floor mat to provide a comfortable spot for catching a quick nap between classes or cramming in those chapters you forgot to read. Work with the space you have and look for other pieces that catch your eye.


If you’re feeling sassy, sweet or a little bit of both, there’s a bedding option to match your personality. Your bed is your sanctuary and may become your best friend during your time away at school. Walking into your bedroom and seeing something that makes you smile or feel important is going to make snuggling up with those fuzzy pillows even better.


What is a soldier without his sword and shield? The same can be said of the college student and their desk. Keep organization on the forefront and maximize your efficiency by equipping yourself with a desk jockey that can help even the most unorganized person find some order.

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