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Dorm Room Checklist: The Essentials

Packing for the next chapter of your life can be tricky, and you're bound to forget something as you’re running out the door. Start your collegiate career off right and walk into your dorm room feeling both confident and comfortable. Here is a list of dorm room essentials to double, triple and quadruple check before you shut the trunk and embark on the journey of a lifetime.


The Bedroom

  • Bedding - What better way to get comfortable and feel at home than by bringing your personal bed linens from home. Sure, you can splurge and get a new set (you might have too if you’re used to that queen-sized bed) but bring the comforts of home with you to help ease your transition.

  • Alarm clock - That 8AM chemistry lecture comes early. The more the merrier when it comes to devices to help pry you out of bed bright and early.

  • Clothes - It’s unlikely you’re going to be able to bring the wardrobe you’ve been perfecting for years in its entirety. Bring only what you need to get you through the next laundromat session.

  • Storage - Space is limited in dorm rooms, so having access to additional storage is crucial to being comfortable and having all the essentials. With stackable options or storage that easily slips under the bed, you are bound to find a storage solution perfect for the space your dorm room allows.

  • Posters, Pictures & Decorations - You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your dorm room. Bring some of your favorite posters, pictures and knick-knacks from home to give it that personalized touch while also having some comforts from home while you’re away.

The Bathroom

  • Shower Tote - There could be a chance your dorm has communal showers, and a tote to carry all your shampoos and soaps will come in handy… unless you prefer trying to juggle toiletries on your way to the shower.

  • Bath Linens - BYOT: Bring your own towel… and lots of them. Two is better than one and having several sets of washcloths will make your trips to the shower quicker and cleaner.

  • Flip-flops - Think of a waterpark, but none of the fun, but all of the people and all those people are bathing. A pair of flip-flops is a must-have for anyone who’s having to share a shower with multiple people.

The “Kitchen”

  • Appliances - Check with your Dorm Coordinator or Resident Assistant about which types of appliances are allowed in the dorm rooms, if any. You never know, that rice maker you got as a gag-gift for your birthday last year just might come in handy this semester.

  • Dishware, Cups & Utensils - You might be eating the majority of your meals off-campus or in the cafeteria but having a set of dishware on-hand in your room is going to come in handy, especially during those late-night crunch sessions.

  • Snacks - Learning makes you hungry. Having your favorite snacks on-hand and readily available is going to make that midterm paper just that much sweeter.

The Rest

  • Computer & Electronics - It almost goes without saying that you’re not going to show up on campus without your computer, but stranger things have happened. So, give your electronics a glance over before you go. Don’t forget the appropriate chargers and all the power banks your graduation money can afford.

  • Important Papers - You might be relocating to a new city or an entirely new state for college. Having your official and government documents on-hand can prove to be an asset later when you need them in a pinch and you’re a few hundred miles away from home.

  • Medications - Prescribed or over-the-counter, you don’t want to be without your daily supply of medications or not being prepared for that headache that won’t go away... or the nausea from a “long weekend out.” Having a properly stocked medicine cabinet or box will help keep you healthy and sane while you’re away.

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