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Design Inspiration: Homework Stations

Check out these inventive and fun ideas for creating your own homework station in your home. There’s something for everyone, no matter your size or budget.


What is a Homework Station & Why Do I Need One?

A homework station is simply a dedicated space in your home where your child or children are expected to do their homework. You can tailor the workstation to their specific learning styles, incorporating fun colors and patterns to help keep them productive. A homework station can also double as a dedicated location and storage space for all school/art supplies that your children require.

Where Should I Set It Up?

Homework stations can be set up anywhere. It all depends on what areas you have available and the floor plan of your home. Some have set up stations in their bedrooms, others have been known to share a space in the family office. If all you have to spare is just some space at the kitchen table, that is fine too. It’s important to find out what works best for everyone involved.

Teenagers and independent learners might prefer to have separate workspaces away from everyone, so they can be alone to focus. On the other hand, if your child needs more assistance from you, it would be wise to keep their station closer to you or in an open area. As your children grow so will their needs and the environments they will require to be productive, so it’s best to keep an open mind to new ideas as they grow.

What Should I Put in It?

You’re not going to need more than basic school supplies to get your child’s homework station going. Take inventory of what supplies you already have (don’t forget any supplies you might have tucked away throughout the years) and stock up on any items that you may need. Make use of diverse types and styles of desk caddies and pencil boxes to keep everything contained and organized. Small stacking drawers are a great space-saving option when it comes to adding more storage to a small area.

Elementary based children will probably need an assortment of color crayons, markers and pencils. They should be displayed in a way that also makes them easily accessible. You can get creative and find decorative ways to make the area more fun and inviting. Be careful not to make it too cluttered or distracting.

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