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4 Step On-the-go Mediation Space

Creating your own personal meditation space can be a powerful part of your meditation experience. The perfect space can invite your entire body, mind and spirit to relax and be mindfully present. When you walk into this space, you want to be able to release the stress and tensions of your life and seek clarity, unity and awareness.

With just a dash of creativity and inspiration, you can create the perfect meditation space wherever you are. Here are four steps you can follow to achieve the peace you’re looking for.

Find a quiet, peaceful place

Meditation suggests you set aside life’s distractions. Finding a space that is mostly quiet- and distraction-free can help aid you in getting the most out of this sacred time. Look at your surroundings and find a space that you can attribute to stillness and peace. At times, you can find peace with the hustle and bustle of traffic and passersby. Try seeking out some of these typically unusual spots to give your meditation practice a test drive when you’re on the go. Try these spots out:

  • The corner of a crowded airport terminal or building - Waiting on a connecting flight or a meeting? Find a quiet or off-the-path sanctuary where you can decompress for a minute.

  • An unbooked conference room in your office

  • Your car (while parked of course)

  • A backyard or park

  • A closet

  • Guest bedroom or office

Make it feel like home

If you know you’ll be meditating away from home, bring a small piece of your home with you. You want to feel safe, warm and welcome in your meditation space. Bring anything from your current meditation spot at home or purchase a few items to keep with you just in case. Some ideas could be:

  • Meditation cushion

  • Jacket or shawl

  • Healing stones and gems

  • Incense

  • Special Blanket

Create Boundaries

Wherever you find yourself, defining boundaries are a sure-fire way to protect your meditation space and use it to its fullest potential. This can put your mind at ease because you won’t be so focused on what’s outside your space and not on any distractions. By drawing physical boundaries, you restrict where the concentration lives, therefore, reducing distractions and interruptions.

You can set these boundaries inside your mind or physically. If you have a blanket, laying it out on the ground is a clear way of expressing your boundaries that others can see and respect.

Listen to soothing Music

Nothing sets the mood like the perfect playlist. Download or stream music or nature sounds that have proven to be soothing and restorative to your own personal needs. Meditating on the go can sometimes be difficult, but if you have music that reminds of your home practices, or something a friend has shown you, it is sure to bring you peace of mind.

Listen to the music first to get your mind in a space that is familiar before you turn off the music. If you’re in a public space where it may be too loud to meditate peacefully, continue to listen to your music to keep your mind focused and at ease.

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