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Should You Own A Pool?

Before you jump off the deep end of your pocketbook to start installation on your new pool, there are some questions you should have answered before moving forward. Owning a pool comes with unforeseen challenges and frustrations that may remove some of that initial allure away.

But don’t take our word for it. We reached out to pool owner Kristen P. and asked her what it’s like owning and caring for a pool. Here’s what she had to say:


Why did you want to invest in a swimming pool?

“I live in West Texas. It’s hot out here. Super-hot.”

What Helped you decide between an in-ground & an above-ground pool?

“Having an above ground pool is cheaper, and I could always get rid of or sell the pool if I wanted to. If I had an inground pool, I am stuck with it even after I am done with it.”

How much did you pay for it?

“My husband and I bought it used from a family friend for about $300. If we wanted a new one, it would have cost about $1,100 dollars. At least for the model and style and pool we have.”

What were some of your initial fears before installation?

“That I would find holes on the side or bottom of the pool before and during the initial set up. The material used to line the in and outside of the pool is actually pretty strong but, I was still scared to find or make a hole. Also, the up-keep on the filtration system was stressful to learn, and if the area we picked in the yard would be stable enough to support the pool.”

Do you still have some of these fears after installation?

“No, we’ve pretty much got everything under control now. It’s pretty easy, just took months of trial and error while getting to know the pool and how it works.”

How did you decide on who will oversee the pool’s maintenance? Do you have a schedule?

“My husband and I both take turns sharing certain responsibilities. I clean the filter at least once a day, and my husband takes care of the bigger chores like the vacuuming and skimming of the pool. These are everyday chores for us and once a week we also shock the pool. I run the pump and filter for about 8 hours a day while we’re awake and turn it off at night.”

Is the maintenance ever too much?

“No, not really once I figured everything out and what my pool needs specifically to keep it clean. However, when we were coming into summer from spring our pool was green… lime green! It was so hard to get the water back to blue and then at levels safe enough to swim in. I was so frustrated I wanted to drain the d*** thing.”

What was the hardest or most difficult thing to learn about pool care?

“How to unclog the water from the filter. After you shock the pool, the water gets really cloudy. Trying to figure out how to get it clear again was difficult for us. Turns out we were skipping a crucial step when it came to cleaning the filter.”

Chemistry tends to put people off when owning a pool. What did you do to overcome this?

“[Laughs] Being patient! You have to find the perfect pH balance for your pool. Once you get there, it’s easy to maintain. When we didn’t know what to do or look for, we searched on the web. When still we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we went to our local pool supply store and talked with some professionals who pointed us in the right direction.”

Was installing a pool worth all the trouble or is it something you regret?

“I love our pool. Getting over the initial hurdles was stressful, but once we knew what we were doing and what to do look for, it’s smooth sailing. You just have to stay on top of it. I think we will be able to hold on to it for a while. We use it almost every day.”

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