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3 Perfect Summer Perennials

When it comes to summer you might think that there’s not a lot of foliage growing beside some weeds. There’s a whole classification of perennials that are perfect for summer temperatures and environments. Here are three of our favorite flowers that are sure to bring much-needed color, life and joy to your garden this summer.


Perennial Hibiscus (H. Moscheutos)

The perennial hibiscus, also known as the rose-mallow and swamp hibiscus, is a summer garden must-have. The wildflower is native to the east and south. They bloom with huge red, white or pink flowers on a stalk that can range from 2 to 8 feet high. They will require full sun exposure and access to a regular and abundant flow of water. Flowers will bloom from late spring until the first frost. When this happens, the stems die back into the ground each winter.

Purple Wave Petunia (Petunia F1 ‘Wave Purple’)

Back in 1995, this hybrid flower was named an All-America Selection winner. Gardeners everywhere thought of petunias as upright plants. Purple wave petunias (and soon later introductions into pink and lilac) grow more like vines, making them perfect for growing in hanging pots, along retaining walls or even as a ground cover. Requiring full sun and water, this is a fairly easy plant to maintain.

Profusion Zinnias (Z. Hybrida)

If you’re wanting to share some of your summer bounty, zinnias provide plenty of bouquets to bring inside and share with those closest to you. All zinnias thrive in hot weather, but profusion zinnias will keep blooming well into fall, regardless of weather conditions. Guaranteed to bloom well beyond the season, zinnias only require access to full sunlight and regular water.

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