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Outdoor Kitchen on A Budget

Outdoor kitchens can get costly when you start to factor in all that goes into the planning, designing and construction around the kitchen. It can get overwhelming at first, but don’t let that discourage you. You can have your ideal outdoor kitchen space without necessarily breaking the bank.



You can get as basic as you want when it comes to picking out the necessities for your new space, but you’ll want to follow these rules as a general guide to help you stay on budget.

  • Never build from combustible materials. Cheaper is not always better when your safety is concerned. Building plywood countertops covered with tile is a common shortcut both homeowners and contractors make when trying to build on a budget. Don’t make this mistake.

  • When it comes time to draw out the designs for your new outdoor kitchen, make sure to factor in an abundance of useable counterspace. You might not have the biggest space to work with initially but planning for a good amount of counterspace will save you time and headaches later down the road. Kitchens work best when they make sense and function properly.

  • Allow a small budget for adequate storage space for frequently used items like grill brushes, forks, spices and paper towels.

HEAT & Water


Skip the hassle and cost of having electric and gas lines being run out to your outdoor kitchen and choose propane. Propane is a cost-effective replacement to having to hire an electrician and plumber to come put in gas, water and electric lines.

When it comes to picking a grill and cook-top, you should allow for this to be a major part of your budget. It might sound a bit counterintuitive when you’re trying to stick to a budget but investing in a good high-quality grill will secure its purpose and prove its worthiness over time. If you decide to cut corners and get a lower-quality grill, you run the risk of having the grill burn out or become troublesome to maintain.


Sink installations are expensive. Unless you already have waterlines being run out into your backyard, having to hire professionals to come and run water and install a sink is going to be stressful and costly. There are plenty stand-alone options available that allow you to install under-the-counter water heaters. They typically run around $300, and there is no need to run hot water away from the house. If you have any questions, consult with your contractor and/or plumber to see what your best option is based off your needs. You never know if you don’t ask.


Right behind the appliances and heat source, seating is your biggest focus. This is going to be where everyone spends the majority of their time. Having sturdy and comfortable seating and furniture for you and your guest is one of the cornerstones of your new outdoor living space. There are a few quick tips to help you provide the maximum level of comfort and durability for your new outdoor furniture.

Table & Chairs

When it comes to table and chairs, look for pieces furnished out of affordable wrought iron that won’t rust. Look for signs of a good undercoat and powder coating used to seal the iron. There are dozens of options available at your local hardware store or supercenter. Iron can be affordable, but aluminum is another popular choice among budget-minded homeowners. Aluminum is a lighter, less solid metal than iron. Examine the aluminum pieces for signs of superior welding. You don’t want to invest in furniture that can’t withstand the perils of an outdoor life.


Canvas has been a popular option for outdoor seating for some time now, but it can be hard to maintain and over time loses its vibrancy. Look for cushions made of 100% acrylic solution-dyed fabric. The special blend of fabric is water and mildew proof and will last 3 to 4 times longer than canvas. When the acrylic cushions are dirty, simply scrub them with bleach, rinse with the water hose and leave them out to dry. Repeat as needed, and these cushions will last you longer than you ever anticipated.

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