The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home because it is where the family gathers to cook, eat, watch sports games, laugh, share stories, entertain and make memories. Your kitchen deserves the closest attention to detail. Here are just a few things we can do for your kitchen:


Custom cabinets. Drawers. Backsplash. Countertops. Marble. Granite. Tile. Wood. Lighting. Islands. Pantries. Windows. Paint. Resurfacing.


Floors can either make or break a space; and depending on your space, you'll want to choose the right type of flooring. Here are a few of the types of flooring we can install:


Hardwood. Tile. Ceramic.

Carpet. Stone. Vinyl.

Laminate. Cement.

Floor leveling. 






The colors you choose to paint your home make a huge impact. Paint color is often one of the most personal and most difficult decisions a home-owner will face. Color is just the first step in selecting paint; there is also the finish of the paint and then the brand and quality of  the paint. With so many decisions, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially with so much wall space to cover. Strong Tower makes sure to walk you through the paint selection process for both interior and exterior jobs.

The bathroom is an intimate space where most people go to get ready every morning and go to unwind and relax after a long day. Your bathroom should be a serene and functional space. Here are just a few things we can do for your bathroom:


Custom cabinets. Drawers. Countertops. Linen closets. Sinks. Faucets. Toilets. Bathtubs. Showers. Glass doors. Windows. Handicap restrooms.




The front porch is the face of your home, and decks are where we hang out during the summer to drink lemonade or barbeque for someone's birthday. They are the entryway to your home that greet your guests, and they are the space where we say goodbye to visitors. Sometimes patios are for relaxation. Whatever the reason for your patio, Strong Tower can help make it a functional event space or a serene relaxation station.

As our families grow, so should our homes. Sometimes simply adding a room or space to your current home is a more cost-effective solution to buying a new home altogether. Strong Tower can help with every step of the expansion process from planning blueprints and layout to choosing and installing the light fixtures.



...And Much MOre

Because we are a full service renovation company, our services aren't just limited to the ones listed above. We also do foundations, seamless gutters, sheetrock, drywall, texture, siding, windows, doors, insulation, fencing, pavement, demolition and construction. Just because it isn't listed doesn't mean we don't or can't do it. Contact us about your specific home renovation needs for a free consultation and estimate.