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5 Quick Steps to Have Your Home Ready For NYE

New Year’s symbolizes fresh starts and new beginnings, two sentiments we hold close to our hearts here at Strong Tower. While we are fans of intimate gatherings with friends and family, being properly prepared will propel you into being the best host you can be going into the new year.


Put Away your off-season Decorations

We all know that person that likes to keep their Christmas tree up well into January; maybe you are that person. That’s all well and done, but a New Year’s party is a party to ring in and celebrate a whole new year. Trade your Santa hats and nutcrackers for festive floral arrangements, balloons, beads and tinsel.

Get a Head Count

Having a heads up on the total number of people you will be expecting will help you to allot for the right amount of food, drinks, seating and party favors. Don’t waste your time trying to chase people down via text or calls. Send out an e-invite that requires an RSVP.

Separate Food & Fun

If you plan on serving food, plan on eating in a different room than you celebrate in. Eating in a separate room will allow guests to dance, sing, play games or watch the ball drop while others can enjoy their food and refreshments without being disturbed. This will also keep the majority of the eventual mess in a contained area and off your carpeted areas and furniture.

Offer an Assortment of Beverages

Everyone knows that New Years is a time to sip champagne and party away into the night, but not everyone wants or is able to drink alcohol. Be sure to have a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available to your guests.

Have a Clean-Up Game Plan

Since you will most likely be dancing your night away, have a strategy ready for the following day when it comes to when and how you’re going to clean up. Decide what you will clean up that night before you go to bed (sticky plates, serving dishes, open/leftover drinks) and what can be left for the next day (vacuuming all the confetti and silly string). Cleaning up as you go on throughout the night will save you a lot of time and allow you to relax just a little longer on New Year’s Day.

Taking the time to make sure your home is prepared for your New Year’s Eve party is a fantastic way to ensure that your guests will have fun, your decorations look amazing, and nothing bad happens to your furniture or carpet.

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