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6 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Christmas

Getting ready for one of the biggest days of the year can be both manageable and enjoyable with some early planning. From tidying up your extra rooms to bringing out the decorations, these simple preparation steps will help you create a gorgeous space for this season’s celebrations.

Clean Out the Clutter

Before you start with the bigger decorations, set aside a weekend to declutter your home. Check your unused rooms, shelves and surfaces and put away any items you no longer want to use or display. Getting rid of the clutter and making sense of your living space with help to create more space for holiday décor.

Keep a Tight Kitchen

Holidays usually result in a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Keeping an organized and clean kitchen will help keep operations running smoothly. Be mindful that your most used kitchen utensils are clean and within arms-reach.

Check that your appliances are all in good working condition and make any repairs or adjustments as necessary. Go through your refrigerator and freezer and dispose of any outdated or stale items. After doing this, you will have some extra space to devote to some holiday treats.

Declare a Celebration Space

Find a centralized location where you want the holiday festivities and activities to take place. This could be the living room, dining room or the den. Don’t hesitate to rearrange, replace or remove furniture to make room for some much-needed seasonal space.

Inspect your Christmas Tree Regularly

Before, during and even after setting your Christmas tree up is a great time to inspect it for any damage it might have endured over the year in storage. Occasionally inspecting your tree throughout the season will also help you to avoid any major disasters or disappointments when it comes time to take it down.

Be the Best Hostess

During the holiday season, you can certainly expect an influx of traffic in your home. Don’t be unprepared when a guest shows up unexpected. Stock up on snacks and candies and have suitable serving stands and candy dishes readily available.

Make It Cozy

Make your dwelling place a home away from home for your guests. A cozy, welcoming home can bring a much-needed sense of relief during the stressful holiday times. You can create a relaxing ambiance by simply staging candles on the mantle or coffee table. For a quick touch of comfort, drape a throw blanket over your couch or try dressing your Christmas tree with a faux fur skirt.

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