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Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day is the last big holiday of the summer and a popular weekend known for cookouts, weekend getaways and pool parties. Celebrate these last moments of summer by throwing a party for your friends and family they won’t forget.


Save the Date

Labor Day is a notoriously busy weekend. Send out a Save the Date to your guest list before the day arrives so they can plan and RSVP accordingly. You don’t want to throw a party and not have anyone show up. Get in with your friends and family before they start making other weekend plans.

Pick a Theme

Labor Day is a great time to display and celebrate your patriotism, and having a themed party can help highlight all things American. Including a themed invitation will give your guests an opportunity to dress accordingly.

Whiteout Theme: We’ve all heard the superstition — “You’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day.” Some people believe that this rule applies only to white shoes, or entire white pieces of clothing. No matter where you fall on the “No White After Labor Day” debate, you can use this an opportunity for a great party theme. Ask your guests to wear as much white as possible and to have fun with the theme. You can use the whiteout theme in your party decorations as well.

Red, White & Blue Theme: Keep it classically American by incorporating the colors of the flag into your party’s theme. Ask your guests to wear their best Red, White and Blues and you’re set for a stylish party. Use the theme in your decorations by having American flags, stars and stripes and the individual colors themselves displayed throughout your home.

Build Your Menu

As the last “unofficial” weekend of summer, this could your last chance to BBQ like your heart depends on it. Take advantage of your Labor Day Party to serve lots of grilled and barbecued dishes. Some great ideas you might want to add to your Labor Day menu might include:

  • Grilled Chicken & Vegetable Kabobs

  • Rib-eye Steaks

  • Cheeseburgers

  • Coleslaw/Potato Salad

  • Hotdogs/Sausages

  • Mixed Fruit Salad

  • Build-Your-Own Ice Cream Sundaes

  • Fresh Fruit Pies


Display fun, festive and theme-appropriate decorations for your Labor Day party. Use the color scheme you’ve picked as a guideline for buying party accessories, balloons, streamers, plates, cups and tablecloths. You don’t have to focus on the patriotic aspect of the holiday either. You can pull in some classic picnic/BBQ decor such as rustic centerpieces filled with seasonal flowers. Use different types of lighting to create a unique atmosphere for your party. Paper lanterns, tiki-torches and even stringed mini-lights can be perfect for any outdoor party.

Plan Games & Activities

If you’re planning on a more casual and laid-back party for Labor Day, think about planning some games and activities for you and your guests. Some group activities you can plan for could be volleyball, tag football, or even tug-of-war.

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