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What Does the Millennial Father Want for Father's Day?

I knew coming into this article that I wanted to take a different approach to Father’s Day. I didn’t want some run-of-the-mill listicle that you can could find in a variety of media sources. Initially, I knew I wanted to involve friends and family and ask for their input to have a more diverse pool to pick from. I was scrolling through my mental Rolodex of everyone I knew who knew a Dad (Spoiler: It’s everyone) when it dawned on me: my mind immediately started with my sisters and their husbands, who are parents with my sisters, and friends I’ve known over the years who have gotten married and started a family. My immediate circle was now full of millennial men that are now fathers and, it got me thinking: What does the Millennial Dad want for Father’s Day?


In an age of instant news, social media and video games, the interests that peak a dad’s interest have changed over the years. A fancy pair of cufflinks will probably still satisfy grandpa and possibly your dad still. They may be content with a day on the golf course, but your younger brother might be new to the parent game. He might not have use or the appreciation for a brand-new tie.

So, we opened up the social feed to the masses and asked what it is these modern millennial dads want and would appreciate on Father’s Day and here’s what they had to say:

Family Time

“Jaden [his son] lives in Amarillo, and we are on the move to San Antonio. So, Jerry said he would love to spend time with Jaden, uninterrupted!” – Kristen O.

Alone Time

“For my husband, I think he would like uninterrupted time to work on a project. He has a list of things he has been wanting to make or build, but with the baby and both of us working it is hard to find time. When he does have free time, I'm the one watching the baby, and I think he feels distracted or guilty. I need ideas myself; he is the HARDEST person to shop for.” – Erin R.

Video Games & Food

“I’d say uninterrupted video game time, maybe a new game and his favorite meal. Ever since he got this new job, and with Zoe, he hardly gets to play anymore.” – Marisa B.

“Brandon wants banana pudding and to play mini golf. LOL” – Kristen P.

“Daniel would probably like a new video game or console… or nothing. LMAO” – Samantha W.


“Well ya’ know, Stephen, I just asked him and it almost, ALMOST started an argument 🤣, but then I calmly discussed with him his perspective on this particular subject (a topic we've had MANY "discussions" about, really semi-fights though 😅) and listened to him so that I could give you an honest answer. 😊 The answer is, he doesn't give a **** about Father’s Day 🙄😑, or Mother's Day 🤦, or Valentine's day 💔, or any other "holiday.” He thinks it's just another way for the "man" to tell you what to do and how to spend your money.” – Grace L.

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