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Moms Have Spoken: 17 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, floral shops and drug stores are packing their shelves with fresh plumage and tasty treats. While Mom is sure to be appreciative of the gesture of candy and flowers, go the extra mile this year and show your love and appreciation for her by doing something for her home.

To get a real up-to-date census, we took to Facebook to ask 30 of our friends who are wonderful mothers what they would like to see done around their home or what could be done to make their day extraordinary. Some of the requests may even shock you a little bit; while a bit ostentatious, you don’t have to act or spend immediately. Surprise her with an estimate for those new cabinets she’s been thinking of or surprise her by taking her to the hardware store to look at wood floor samples.

Straight from the source, here’s a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas you can use to bring a smile to your mother’s face.


1. Engineered wood flooring

The top requested item amongst the motherhood was engineered wood flooring. Why? Maybe it’s the combination of both security and beauty that entices them or a copious amount of options to choose from.

2. New bathtub/shower

The bathroom is often a place of respite for mothers alike. Get the ball rolling on giving her the spa-like bathtub and shower she’s been yearning for. She might not get it by Mother’s Day, but you can start to reach out to friends, family and local contractors.

3. Add-on jacuzzi jets

If you feel bad that the new bathroom won’t be renovated in time, surprise her with a set of add-on jacuzzi jets for her current bathtub.

4. Closet organization

When she’s in the closet, she is in and out. Set her up with some new organization storage options to help her navigate the burrowed mess that may be inside.

5. Painted cabinets

Maybe a full kitchen renovation isn’t in the budget right now, and that’s okay. Make it a family event by going to the hardware store to pick out the paint and supplies for a fresh coat of paint on her cabinets. Maybe even try an unconventional color. Take it all home and have fun with it.

6. New cabinets

Out of all the moms we spoke to, cabinets were near the top of every list. Get in a touch with a local contractor and request a quote for the cabinets of her dreams.

7. Car wash, detail & a full tank of gas

With everything going on in her day, the last thing on mom’s mind is how much gas she has left in her vehicle at the end of the day. Don’t reserve this just as a Mother’s Day treat. Make this a regular habit. Both mom and her car will thank you.

8. New light fixtures

Surprise her with a trip to the hardware store to pick out some new light fixtures. Lighting is important, and she probably has a few ideas she’s been wanting to try out anyway.

9. New faucets

A quick and easy upgrade you can do around the house would be to install those new faucets she’s been talking about.

10. Organization shelves & containers

Moms tend to have a lot of stuff. Drawers stuffed with clothes, toys, memorabilia, that one box she just can’t let go of…the list goes on. Show some love and help her get her life in order by giving her something to store all her stuff in.

11. Smart light bulbs

The smart light bulb market has skyrocketed over the past few years providing an array of colorful options to choose from. What makes these light bulbs “smart” is their ability to pair with your home Wi-Fi connection, allowing you to control it from virtually anywhere.

12. Home automation devices

With technology changing before our eyes constantly, it would not be a bad idea to gift mom the convenience and sophistication that home automation devices have to offer. Home automation devices will allow her to control the light, play music, change the thermostat, set the alarm and much more.

13. Custom/DIY bed for children

Your wife has probably been drooling over some Pinterest ideas for children's furniture. She might have even brought it up to you a few different times. Look into either building materials or a way to contract the furniture of her Pinterest dream boards.

14. Bookshelves

If your mother’s books have started to outgrow their current shelves or are starting to stack up into piles on her side of the bed, surprise her with a brand-new bookshelf.

15. Coffee cups, travel mugs, tumblers & cups

Coffee is a necessity. With mom always on the go, a fun way to express your love for her would be a brand-new cup for her coffee. Maybe you can even find one with her name on it.

16. Meals from start to finish

This includes shopping for ingredients, preparing the meal, cooking it and cleaning up after. Yum!

17. Night/Weekend at a local resort

Consider it a staycation with the family while Mom gets to relax and be pampered.

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