quote Match 

For far too long, our industry has gone unregulated. This has lead to numerous accounts of fraudulent business, low-quality work and countless of disappointed homeowners not receiving both the quality of work and attentive customer service. 


At Strong Tower, our goal is to clean up the industry, raise the standards to a new height and educate the community on the type of quality work they actually deserve. After all, we’re not in the industry of homes... we’re in the industry of people!


Our Quote Match Program was designed specifically to address the prevailing issues of the renovations industry.

Here’s how it works:


Strong Tower will match the average pricing of all formally written quotes turned in by the homeowner.


Our goal is to educate the community on the quality of work they deserve at a price that is just and fair. We invite every and any homeowner to our office to meet and discuss all quotes considered.


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*All quotes considered for the Quote Match Program must be turned in to Strong Tower Renovations. All quotes turned in must all be formally written quotes to be considered. Strong Tower will match the average pricing of all quotes turned in as long as the average pricing falls within a 20% deviation of our quote. The lowest price may not be taken into account if we deem it as an outlier. Strong Tower reserves the right to decline special pricing if deemed too unprofitable.