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Retirees: New Life, New Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

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Some retirees want a fresh start in a new home. With children out of the house, there isn’t a need for all of that space anymore. Moving into a smaller home is often more convenient and cost-effective. However, once you make the move, how do you make that new place feel like your home?

Set Up the Utilities

In order to truly feel at home right off of the bat, set up all of your utilities before you move. Look into utility companies ahead of time so you know who to contact and how to set everything up. You can ask the utility companies to activate the services on a certain date once you are in the new home. Utilities include electricity, water, trash pickup, gas, cable, internet, and anything else you need.

Don’t forget to add home security to the premises so you can trust that your home is always protected. Contact a local security company to prepare your home with special equipment, including cameras and motion sensors.

Look Into Insurance and Home Warranty

In addition to your home security package, you can feel even more confident in your home by researching and buying the proper homeowner’s insurance. This protection will help if your home is ever damaged, someone on the premises is hurt, or if your house is burglarized. It is typically required that you have homeowner’s insurance.

Keep in mind that insurance will not help if an appliance breaks down. For that, it is best to also purchase comprehensive home warranty. Many warranty programs will cover just about everything from a broken-down dishwasher or laundry machine to your heating, cooling, and electrical systems. When looking for a suitable product, reading home warranty reviews is essential, so take the time to look at what other customers say so you can make an informed decision.

Consider Home Improvement Projects

If you hope to spend your remaining years in your new home, look into home improvement projects that will help your home accommodate your new lifestyle. For instance, you might consider widening the doorways, installing safety bars in the bathrooms, or adjusting the countertop heights for accessibility. Another great idea is to improve the lighting around the home for better visibility both for getting around and for seeing the finer details of everything you do. Consider looking into LED bulbs that will burn brighter and last longer.

Improve Your Outdoor Space

As we get older, it’s important to spend time outside in the sun as sunshine is instrumental in reducing the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Making your outdoor space inviting and relaxing will help you spend more time outdoors. For instance, consider installing a gazebo in your backyard. Gazebos create a great meeting space in the yard for you and your visitors to gather.

You might also consider adding a garden. In addition to the delicious and healthy vegetables that you can grow, you will also get exercise as you plant seeds, pick weeds, and cultivate the land.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to make your retirement home as relaxing as possible. Just remember to secure your home and get that warranty so you can know that your property is always protected.


Theresa McArthur knows firsthand that the life changes we encounter as we age can be difficult to navigate. From taking care of your health and choosing from numerous insurance options to deciding where you’ll spend your golden years and detailing your end-of-life wishes, the decisions that come along with aging can be overwhelming. She created Guides for Seniors so there would be plenty of information available to guide seniors through these processes and bring them peace of mind.

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