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7 Inexpensive Ways to Add Storage to Your Closet

Sometimes your closet looks bigger than it actually is, especially once you’ve started to pile your things in there. If you’ve tried cleaning it out and reorganizing what you already have and are still at a loss for how to make space in that tiny closet, continue reading for ten unique ways to add storage space to your closet:

Double Your Hanging Space

Double the available hanging space you have in your closet by adding an extender rod.

Amazon, $13.67 (this one)

Store Clothes On Shelves More Efficiently

Stacks of falling over shirts and shorts can be a thing of the past. These upright shelf dividers are perfect for making purses and bags stand upright too.

Amazon, $19.72 (Shelf Dividers)

Double Shelf Space With Baskets

Undershelf baskets from The Container Store can be the perfect solution to adding some much-needed space in your closet. These coffee cups are merely a suggestion. These baskets can be used for clothes and accessories as well.

The Container Store, $6.99 - $8.99 (Fay Wolf Basket)

Invest In Hooks

Step into your closet. Look around… Do you see any wall space that is not covered by clothes? You can hang hooks there, or if you have the space, put a whole rack of hooks. This is a unique way to reclaim wasted space. You can use the hooks for practically anything: jewelry, belts, bags, purses, large coats, etc.

Store, $$

Store Suit Cases Above The Closet Door

Another way to make effective use of wall space and hooks is to hang your suitcases above the door space inside the closet. Lightweight and other items used later in the season can be stashed inside the suitcases to double up on even more space, just don’t forget where you’ve put them.

Hang Things On The Inside Of The Door

Get a little creative with parts from your local hardware store and create your own hanging system for shoes, scarves and belts.

Stack Your Shoes

Turn the bottom of your closet into a classy department-store shoe display. Save on storage and show off your favorite kicks with multi-tier storage. You can also place these on top of a shelf as well.

Store, $$ (here.)


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