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Thanksgiving Home Travel Prep

Planning on having guests over this holiday season? If you are, there are probably a few preparations you can make to ensure your guests’ stay is as comfortable as possible. With just a little planning, hosting your holiday guests will be a walk in the park. Try these simple tips:

Make It Comfy

Go beyond fresh linens and bedding to help your guests get a great night’s sleep. Place extra blankets and pillows at the foot of the bed or sleeping space for guests to grab as needed. Provide something both light and heavy for them to choose from; options always make someone feel important.

Keep It Charged

It’s 2018 and the majority of us travel with a slew of electronics. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices... The list can keep going. Knowing this, you’ll want to make sure your guests can easily access outlets. If you’ve found yourself to be short on outlets or they’re hard to get to, invest in a basic power strip or extension cord to help accommodate your guests’ charging needs.

Bring Out The Good Reads

Offer your guests some leisure literature. A few books and magazines in their sleeping space and in the bathroom can be a great way for your guests to relax after a busy day of travel and family interactions.

Make Some Space

If you know your guests are going to be staying for more than a few days, offer up some of your drawer or closet space to help them feel more at home. No one wants to live out of their suitcase.

Provide Bathroom Basics

Traveling and packing can be such a headache. Having extra toiletries for your guest can really save the day if they have arrived only to realize they have forgotten something. Just in case your guests forget to pack their toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, floss, or pain reliever, have extra travel-size supplies on hand, displayed in the bathroom for their use.

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