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5 Must-Have Home Tech Gadgets: Part II

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Hungry for more home gadgets? The technology and gadgets available to homeowners today are smarter than ever – most of them genuinely useful and not just for show. These new devices can save you time and stress. They can also stop you from answering the door to that neighbor who’s always trying to peddle something.


Check out these 5 home gadget we’ve highlighted here.


Pet Camera

Sometimes we just need to keep an extra eye on our pet while we’re away. If it is to see who is chewing up pillows or just to keep an extra pair of eyes on them after a tough surgery, you’re going to want a Petcube. It streams a live video feed to your phone or tablet while you’re away from home.

Smart baking scale

This is more than just your ordinary kitchen scale. Going beyond just weighing your food, it turns your cooking experience into a step-by-step visual cooking extravaganza. All you need to do is choose a recipe, decide how much you want to make, and the Drop Scale calibrates all that you will need to conquer your culinary dreams.

Motion Sensor Garbage bin

Thanks to Simplehuman, any threat of cross-contamination in your kitchen is a problem of the past. It will lift the lid of the can with a simple wave of the hand or foot.

Self-dimming light bulb

Having trouble sleeping? The Drift Light functions as a normal light bulb but also as a sleep-aid. One flip of the switch and the Drift Light acts as a normal light bulb. Go back for a second switch and the bulb gradually fades out over a 37-minute interval (the average time of a sunset) to help lull you sleep. An added bonus: the warm light of the bulb can induce melatonin production in the brain to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.


Looking for a way to get in and out of your garage quicker? Or maybe you need to open it up to let a neighbor in? This device operates your garage door wirelessly from your smartphone when it has been paired with your switch or ceiling motor. You can control and monitor the device from anywhere using Wi-Fi or your cellular data.

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