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How to Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkins come in all types of shapes and sizes; there are small ones, round and stumpy ones, tall and skinny ones and even ones that are so lumpy they could be mistaken for something other than a pumpkin. With such a variety and distinct characteristics, it’s difficult to tell what pumpkin is going to best fit your needs. Using our pumpkin guide, you will be able to pick the best pumpkin in the entire patch. Leave the patch feeling like a Pumpkin King (or Queen) with our tips to help you pick out the perfect pumpkin.

Where to buy?

Skip the grocery store entirely and head right for the pumpkin patch. The pumpkins at your local grocer might be convenient when you’re pressed for time and money; however, these pumpkins might not be in the best shape. These pumpkins have lived a long, bumpy life. From their trip from the farm to the store, they have spent a lot of time bouncing around in the back of a truck and handled by multiple people; there’s also no way of knowing how long that pumpkin has been sitting at the store. Getting your pumpkin straight from the source is a guaranteed way to procure a beautiful and healthy pumpkin for your picking.

What’s the Color?

The color of the pumpkin’s rind can tell you so much about the life of the pumpkin. The darker the color, the better the pumpkin. It’s as easy as that. A dark orange pumpkin is an indication that it has arrived in its prime stage for picking. Pay attention to pale and/or yellow pumpkins. These are on their way out and won’t hold up for much longer after leaving the patch. The stems are also a terrific way to tell a healthy pumpkin from a not-so-healthy one. A thick, solid, dark-green stem shows that a pumpkin is ready to be harvested. A frail or weakly colored stem means the pumpkin is not ready or is already past-due.

Is it Hollow?

Much like watermelons, the ripest pumpkins have a deep, hollow sound when you give them a nice solid tap. To test for a truly hollow pumpkin, hold the underbelly of the pumpkin with your hand while placing your ear next to the pumpkin and knocking on its side with your knuckles. If you can hear a hollow-echoed noise, you’ve got yourself a winning pumpkin. The louder the sound, the better the pumpkin is going to be.

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