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Fall Home Prep

Fall is finally here! Do you have your home where it should be before the season really begins to change? This checklist will help you sort out a variety of tasks that will both protect your home and help you save money.


Clean the Gutters

With the season transitioning into the fall, that only means one thing: Leaves… lots and lots of leaves! A great way to get ready for the onslaught of foliage that’s going to fall would be to start cleaning out your gutters before any major weather changes happen.

Removing leaves and other debris from your gutters will ensure proper water drainage and prevent damage to your roof and other parts of your home that could be affected by a buildup.

Take Steps to Protect Trees & Shrubs

If you have any trees on your property you may want to consider hiring an arborist to come and inspect your trees. These experts can notice early signs of poor health and work with you to prevent total tree loss or even damage to your property.

The fall is the ideal time to observe your trees and look for anything out of the ordinary. Keep an eye out for signs that may need professional intervention. The tree may only get weaker throughout the winter. Contacting an arborist at the earliest sign of trouble is best.

Stock up on Winter Supplies & Gear

If you live in an area that is known for its cold, icy winters, fall is the perfect time to prepare for that.

A few things to remember:

  • Check on the condition of your snow shovels and ice scrapers. Take the necessary steps to repair or even replace them.

  • Purchase a bag of pet- and plant-safe ice melt in case of an emergency. Be mindful of the package and note from the manufacturer stating that the mix is safe to be around plants and animals.

  • Restock your emergency home/first aid kits in your car and home.

  • If you own or use a snow blower, take time to have it serviced. Purchase fuel to have on hand if you can’t get to a gas station if there’s an emergency.

Turn Your Faucets Off

In order to protect your pipes and hoses from freezing over you can shut the water off to exterior faucets. Do this before temperatures start to drop below freezing and you won’t have that added worry of a frozen pipe.

Drain and store the hoses indoors or inside the garage to protect them from the harsh elements.

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