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No Pool? No Problem: Backyard Summer Fun Without A Pool

Not having access to a pool during the summer is no excuse not to have fun and keep wet during the scorching hot summer months. There is a variety of ways you and your family can keep cool this summer while making some great memories.


Water Balloon Trampoline War

Have a trampoline in your backyard? Turn it into a Gladiator arena with a bucket of water balloons. Your kids are sure to love this backyard activity. It is recommended to have a safety net on your trampoline for maximum safety while having fun.

Make a Slip-n’-Slide

This is a summer backyard classic. At some point in everyone’s childhood, there was a run down a slip-n’-slide in one form or another. You can either choose to make one with plastic sheeting or purchase one for around $20. Make it a little more interesting by adding pool toys as obstacles or even using them as vehicles down the slide.

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Thanks to the advances in modern technology, you can now enjoy epic water balloon fights like you’ve never imagined before. With the ability to fill up over a hundred balloons in under seconds, these water-balloon fillers will arm you with an arsenal fit for an army. This is a perfect way to have fun and beat the summer heat.

“Play” Carwash

Disguise a chore as a wet-and-wild activity. Bring out the buckets, soap and towels and turn the kids loose on your vehicles. Between the bubbles and buckets of water being thrown around, this chore will be sure to bring a smile to your children’s faces. Afterward, treat them to some ice-cream in town to show off their hard work.

Find a Splash Pad

Splash pads and fun park fountains are popping up all over town now. Plan a day with your kiddos to find the coolest one in your area. Each one is unique and provides a variety of ways to keep everyone occupied and cool. You can definitely jump in and have some fun yourself. A quick search on the internet will find your local parks with splash pads or fountains that are safe for children to play in.

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