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Last Minute 4th of July Party Ideas

The Fourth of July: it happens once a year during the summer, a national holiday that is ingrained in us from an early age. It’s the time of year we reflect on our nation’s independence from the British. A true celebration of everything American and what it means to be an American. It just so happens that this year you’ve let this iconic day of celebration slip past you...and maybe the year before that. Hey, that’s okay. You’re busy; you have a family and more responsibilities than you can count. So, you forgot our nation’s birthday is, like, tomorrow and that’s alright. We’re here to show you how to throw a patriotic and fun Fourth of July party at the very last minute.


There are 4 major categories you want to cover while getting ready for your last-minute party. Drinks, Center Pieces, Sweets and Photo Ops. Whether you’re planning a party or shopping for one hours before, these are four pillars on which you can build a beautiful and successful party.


The secret to a memorable party is a great signature drink. Providing your guests with a drink that’s both fun and functional is going to make you the party-planning champion.

You can start with Liberty Lemonade. Take your favorite juice mix (or bring out the juice press) and simply add some red and blue fruits to the mix, and ta-da: Liberty Lemonade! Put the lemonade in a decorative jug you picked up at the dollar store and chill appropriately. When it’s time to serve, pour into themed party cups and no one is the wiser. This is sure to be a fun and tasty crowd pleaser, especially if there are kids around.

Looking to serve a more adult option? Patriotic Piña Coladas are here to impress you and your friends. They’re like regular piña coladas, just a little more festive. Remember those red and blue fruits we picked up for the Liberty Lemonade? Drop a couple of fruits in separate blending batches when you’re combining your ingredients for the piña coladas. When you’re ready to serve, layer them. Red first, then blue and finally white on top. Garnish with an American Flag, and you’re all set.


I know what you’re thinking…freaking centerpieces? Who has time for that? Well, guess what? You do by having your centerpieces double as a tasty treat. Layer red white and blue candies or gumballs in small glass vases. Not only are they fun to look at, but you can also eat them. Want something savory along with the sweet? Use popcorn to make trail mix.

Have a large party bowl laying around? Arrange the bowl with an array of red, white and blue fruits for a decorative and healthy snack option for your guests.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with napkins and bandanas as well. You can tie bandanas around the middle of candles or your candy jars, or use themed napkins and bandanas as placemats on the table to help bring in more of that beautiful red, white and blue.


Who doesn’t love a tasty treat? Choose from one or all of these delicious ideas:

1. Dip pretzel sticks in white chocolate and top them with red, white and blue sprinkles. Looking for something a bit more dramatic? Top them with red, white and blue rock candies to make them stand out even more.

2. Freeze fruit juices in appropriate colors in popsicle molds for something that’s cool and refreshing. Throwing a grown-up party? Splash some of your favorite alcohol or sangria into the molds along with the juice for a buzz-worthy treat.

3. USA Sundae Bar - Have some fun with food coloring. Separate equal parts of vanilla ice cream. Using the food coloring, mix in the appropriate colors until you have the right shade. Pop the ice cream back in the freezer until you’re ready to serve. When it’s time, allow your guest to choose from red, white and blue ice cream and top them with appropriate and fun toppings: candies, fruit and anything else you can find.

Photo Ops

Setting up a makeshift photo booth in your home is a sure-fire way to get your guests in the patriotic spirit. It sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Have a red or white sheet laying around? Iron it out and pin it up against a wall. Pair it with a bucket of USA themed props and you’re on your way to making some great memories. Unsure of what props to use? Head over to your local party supply or dollar store where you can find hats, miniature flags and maybe some funny patriotic mustaches. Who doesn’t like a mustache on a stick?


You don’t have to go out of your budget or plan weeks in advanced to throw a party your friends and family are sure to love. With just a little time and some ingenuity, your perfect party isn’t more than a few easy steps away.

The Fourth of July is a celebration of our nation’s independence and what that means to us and our families. Take this day to spend it with those who mean most to you and just have some good American fun!

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