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5 Quirky Memorial Day Party Ideas

Observed on the last Monday in May, Memorial Day commemorates all the men and women who have died in active military service. Formally known as Decoration Day, people typically visit gravesites and monuments to honor the fallen soldiers. While this is a very somber holiday in spirit, Memorial Day weekend is characteristically seen as the start of the summer season.

Honor those who gave their life for this country and the beginning of summer by throwing a Memorial Day party that your friends and family are going to talk about for the rest of the season. There a multitude of themes and ideas to explore. Whether you’re planning a road-trip out of town or setting up the pit in your own backyard, we are sure your Memorial Day weekend will be one to remember.

Here are some ways to celebrate and throw a truly patriotic party.


Hot Dog Bar

No Memorial Day cook-off is complete without hot dogs. Give this backyard BBQ staple a fun and quirky makeover by setting up a hot dog bar. By creating a smorgasbord of condiments, different types of buns, toppings and meat options you are sure to avoid any complaints from picky eaters by allowing your guests to build to their heart’s content. Have fun with plating and the containers you use to hold the condiments.

Slider Buffet

Burgers are a must at any cook-out but take a creative approach and host a slider buffet party. Not only are they cute and a great conversation piece for the party, but they will provide your guests with an array of fun flavors like bacon and cheese stuffed sliders or spicy jalapeno sliders. Offering your guests a smaller entrée will allow them to save room for the cornucopia of treats you have provided. Call ahead to see if you need to accommodate any vegetarian or vegan options so you don’t leave anyone out only munching on salad and candy!

fun lights

Stop by the party store and grab some inexpensive steamers and pair it with a string of holiday lights for a fun and creative way to bring your party to life. This is a simple and easy way to bring a sense of wonder and to create some great photo ops for you and your guests. You can also purchase preassembled lanterns to string across your backyard for a more intimate effect.

Craft-Beer Tasting

The culture and market behind craft beers have a strong steadily-growing following and can be a standout winner for your party. If your friends and family are followers of craft brewing, try organizing a tasting that is sure to be a hit. If you’re unsure where to start, you can check out your local grocery store or farmer’s market for the latest on all types of craft beer. Use this chance to express yourself by getting creative with the presentation. Chalkboard paint and a slab of thick wood are the base components to making your backyard craft-beer tasting experience feel extra authentic.

Red White & Blue

Go beyond what your guests will be thinking in terms of a red, white and blue theme. Surprise them with pops of color in the foods, desserts, table dressings and even the cutlery. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity on how you can incorporate our nation’s colors and show off your patriotism.

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