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¡Dios mío! 5 Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

There’s a common misconception that Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s independence, but this is fake news. Cinco de Mayo marks the victory of the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla. In 1862 during the second French intervention of Mexico, the Mexican army defeated the much larger opposing French force that was attempting to take over the country. Unfortunately, France inevitably ruled over Mexico for the next five years. The Battle of Puebla stands out as a milestone victory that sparked a national revolution in the Mexican people that ultimately led to the end of European dominance in Mexico.

This day is now honored with parades, traditional cultural dances, food and colorful decorations. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican-American celebration of cultural pride. Here are a few quick decorating tips to honor the culture and people of Mexico.


1. Fabric Bunting

Setting up outside? With some red, white and green fabric and just a little bit of time you can create a decorative banner to hang from your picnic table or your front porch.

2. Flower Wreath

Celebrate with color. As rich as the country's history, Mexico chooses vibrant lively colors as a background for their fiestas. Decorate your doors (inside or out) with a beautiful wreath made of colorful ribbon.

3. Chayo Flowers

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet? Tissue paper and decorative pipe cleaners are all you need to bring to life the most authentic and vibrant display of color and foliage. Mexican paper flowers are staple at festivals and fiestas. This a quick and easy way to present your guests with beautiful expressions of life.

4. Mini Piñatas

Cute and quick to assemble, these mini piñatas are going to be quite the crowd pleaser, giving everyone a chance to break something open and keep the candy all for themselves. Whether it’s your first grader or grandma, these are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

5. Banners

Double up on the tissue paper when you head out to the craft store or use the leftovers from your Chayo Flowers and string together a quick and festive banner. A few snips here and a couple taps there and you’re all set. Along with a matching tablecloth and napkins, this is sure to bring your Cinco de Mayo celebration together.

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