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Eye Candy: Tile as an Art Piece

If I approached you to ask for your opinion on some tile I was thinking about installing in my home, you would assume that I was referring to my bathroom or kitchen floor. The truth is that I could be talking about anywhere in my home. The possibilities combined with the versatility of tile are infinite.

Don’t find yourself in a mindset believing that tile only belongs in the bathroom or exists only as a flooring option. The able use of color available for tile is enough to take an ordinary floor or wall space in your home and turn it into a timeless art piece. The combination of colors, patterns and moods that can be achieved through tile will tickle your sweet tooth. The creative possibilities are boundless and capable of producing a synesthetic experience one could parallel to viewing a piece of modern art. Visually tantalizing, amazingly dynamic and accessible, the promises made true through time prove that tile makes a great addition to the home not only through its strength and durability but through its possibility of creative expression.

Join us on a tour of an artisan candy shoppe. You won’t find your typical sweets and chocolates here. In their place, the lush textures and deep hues known to tile and glazed by kiln fire. Treat your eyes to the artful beauty and feed your inspirational sweet tooth as we travel through time and explore art in tile.


You will find that with tile you have a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns to choose from that will give you a look that’s entirely reflective of your personality, even if you’ve chosen a more monochromatic color palette for your tile. Allowing you to get lost in the mystery of black and white and explore the proverbial grey area, a monochromatic color choice will allow for a change of design pace and a must-see for when your friends and family come over to visit.

Tile in Culture

Man has been combining water and sand for centuries to produce decorative tile patterns. The vibrant use of color and pattern leaves the possibilities endless and are a great source of inspiration. Allow yourself to be transfixed by the lush indigos of India or the pearl white and cerulean blue known to the Mediterranean coast.

Tile Beyond the Bathroom & Kitchen

Tile has so many more applications outside of the kitchen and bathroom. Painted accent walls are a staple in bringing much-needed character to a room. Take it one step further with a colorful and intricate tile pattern, and you have yourself a conversation piece people will be talking about every time they step into your home.

Inspiration from Nature

Beauty is all around us in nature. A creative way to bring this into your home and invite a more organic atmosphere is to not be afraid to take inspiration from colors and patterns found in nature. Like the scales of a rainbow fish, this tile offers the majestic beauty of the sea without sacrificing a trip to the beach.

Mix & Match

Stuck on trying to decide what type of tile pieces you want but find yourself overwhelmed with options? Be adventurous with the endless variety of style, color and pattern by choosing all of them. Let your creative freedom flow uninhibited as you curate a tile collage that will catch the eye and keep it there.

While these are only a select few design options and sources of inspiration, the sky is truly the limit on the creative combinations that tile allows you. If you are looking for a fun way to improve on the design of your home and give it the je n'ais sais quois you’ve been itching for, allow yourself to dive deeper into the delectable and inexhaustible world of tile.

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