Strong Tower wasn’t built to be a home renovations company. It was built to champion a cause… that cause being that every person deserves to go home to a place they absolutely love. Every article we write, every homeowner we visit, every quote we send, every piece of tile we lay, we are helping that cause. We are helping someone somewhere love their home so much more. That is why we do what we do. We are helping people go to sleep at night with a smile on their face knowing that they love the space they inhabit. We are helping people wake up feeling refreshed in a room they are completely comfortable in. We are helping people go home to a place they consider their safe haven. We are helping people create powerful and meaningful memories in a space that will be remembered for generations. We do everything so that someone somewhere can absolutely love their home. That’s why we exist, and may we never lose sight of that.


At Strong Tower, we focus on the human element of home renovations by listening to your vision, crafting an ideal space and creating function in the home. We provide complete home renovations from foundation to rooftop, front door to back door, inside, outside and around your home. We believe that all the work we do stands strong like an old tower that has been through fierce winds, harsh weather and prolonged use. However, through and through, a strong tower will remain standing just as our work will remain standing in your home throughout the years. We make sure to provide you with high-quality service before, during and after your home renovation.




At Strong Tower, we hold ourselves accountable to these three principles. We promise to always be responsible with your project, your home and your family. We promise to always be responsive and always communicate with you. We promise to be resilient by diligently and ceaselessly working with you through any problem that may arise.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Strong Tower is to help improve the lives of others by improving their homes. The home truly is where the heart is, and your heart should have a beautiful place to call home.


Our goal is to make sure that every person we encounter has a home that they feel excited to dwell in. Our priority is to ensure the homeowner's satisfaction. We aren't in the industry of homes... we are in the industry of people!

Service Areas

Strong Tower services the Houston and Greater Houston area, from Katy to Baytown and Conroe to Galveston.

More than 20 years of experience

Fully insured

Family owned and operated

Fraudulent Business Elimination

Unfortunately, our industry is ridden with untrustworthy and unreliable workers. The remodeling industry is not one that has a reputation for outstanding professionalism and high standards. At Strong Tower, our goal is to change that… to be industry leaders by raising the bar across the board and bringing new standards to remodelers everywhere. We also aim to rid the industry of any untrustworthy and unreliable contractors by screening all sub-contractors that work with us and blacklisting the ones that do not meet ours and our client’s standards. We are responsible, responsive and resilient, and we refuse to work with anyone who does not adhere to our values, live by them and abide by them.


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